our story




This organization was created from a place of passion with hopes of awakening a daily practice of pride, ownership, community, and truth for the black kid to become the best version of themselves, for themselves. Our Founder, Kennedy J. Johnson, grew frustrated with being a standing witness of the black child going without. She realized that the black kid deserved more than what they were getting, so in 2019 she found her life's purpose; to provide the black kid with all that they lack -- and that's knowledge.





The mission of for the black kid, inc. is to expose the African American child to more. Our goal is to reconstruct the mindset of the Black child to restore a sense of community among us. We place an emphasis on our curated educational strategy, a focus on Black historyholistic wellness, entrepreneurship, innovation, and encouraging the circulation of the Black dollar. Here, your child lacks nothing as strength, community, and a new knowledge are waiting for the black kid.

The vision of for the black kid, inc. is to cultivate a generation of Black youth who value wellness, who know the truth of who they are and where they come from, who have a sense of pride despite a painful past and present, and who are equipped to tap into the power that is within.