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The Black Kid & Women's History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and today is International Women’s Day!

We want to use this post to remind each Black girl, teenager, and Black woman reading this that YOU are the woman you’re waiting for. We admire the historic greats like Shirley Chisholm, Coretta Scott King, Rosa Parks, Fannie Lou Hamer, and Ida B. Wells, but as you honor and recognize these amazing women, do you also acknowledge that you have the same power, drive, and impact that they have? Do you realize that they have paved the way for you to be the next changemaker in your community?

Maybe you won’t be the first Black woman to be elected to the United States Congress, but maybe you will be the first Black girl or teenager to form a club at your school. Changemaking isn’t monolithic, there’s no formula or manual to it. The only instruction is to be bold, courageous, and determined to do it!

We often wait for the next hero or figure to swoop in and save the day, but we need you to understand that you are that next hero or figure. It’s your time to swoop in! It’s your time to stir up change. You are not next, you are NOW!

So, this month, we encourage you to tap into your purpose and power and BE the woman you’re waiting for.

Happy Women’s History Month! How will you make this month one for the history books?

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