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FTBK Academy is a programmatic learning experience offered by For The Black Kid, Inc. for students ages 13-17. 

Through the academy, we work to challenge what is being taught in the public school system by decentering whiteness in all subjects and elevating the history of the African diaspora; the ingenuity of Black Innovation; and the power of the Black dollar.

Focusing on entrepreneurship, history, and wellness fTBK partners with Georgia's schools, after-school programs, youth organizations, and youth groups to provide our FTBK Academy to interested students. Participating students explore our curriculum in small groups where they are educated with a holistic, truthful, and representative pedagogy.


FTBK Academy can be offered virtually as well as in-person.

FTBK Academy at James T. Anderson Boys & Girls Club
FTBK Academy at Creative Impressions
FTBK Academy at Creative Impressions

young entrepreneurs

The Young Entrepreneur Course is an interactive session educating youth on how to navigate entrepreneurship authentically and successfully. Covering topics from passion to product development, we target each essential component to build and empower a courageous, bold generation of entrepreneurs. 

The young entrepreneur seminar is our quarterly seminar where we dive deeper into their goals and visions as young entrepreneurs through community building, guest facilitators, working sessions, and more! 


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