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The Black Kid & Entrepreneurship

I was today years old when I realized that entrepreneurship is in my bloodline. My grandma owned a shop where she created the most beautiful gift baskets, my family owned a law firm for many years, and my father owns a successful catering company and even has his own seasoning! I grew up watching it, but it wasn’t until college that I believed it was attainable for me.

I worked for a black-owned apparel company for most of my college career, I watched the CEO as she handled so many different tasks gracefully. While it’s been 5 years since I worked for her, I am still reminded of the lessons I learned from that time!

I pray that I have that same impact on the youth close to me. I pray that God graces me to inspire and influence an upcoming generation of Black and Brown successful, change-making entrepreneurs. There was a fire ignited in me, watching her cultivate other women entrepreneurs, pour into her staff, and maintain healthy loving relationships with her family, all while building her own business that has shown consistent growth.

I'll be satisfied if I could play the smallest role in their entrepreneurial journeys.

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